HOME DECOR is a CUSTOM Blind and Shade Manufacturer, as defined by WCMA Standards, fabricating to our customer’s unique specifications.



HOME DECOR offers the best warranty in the industry. It is up to you, as our customer, to make sure the consumer has a full explanation on how to properly care for and operate our products.

Wear and Tear

All fibers deteriorate from sun exposure. Cords eventually wear out and plastic tends to yellow and crack when left in direct sunlight for extended periods. These are all things we consider normal wear and tear and are described in the following warranty pages. Wear and tear items are not covered under the warranty coverage.

Warranty Waiver

There are times when the consumer will insist on ordering a product different from the manufacturer’s recommendations, and HOME DECOR will try to accommodate such requests when possible. All blinds that exceeded recommended size limitations will have no warranty coverage. In such cases, you will be required to sign a warranty waiver stating that they understand the blind will be manufactured outside factory recommendations or used in a manner other than intended and therefore will not be covered under warranty. This warranty waiver will be noted on your invoice and sent to you via your preferred method of confirmation.


If there is a repair or manufacturer issue it will be processed using a Service Request Form. Once you have inspected the product and have determined that it is a warranty issue, and to ensure a timely completion, complete the Service Request Form with the concerns of the consumer. Fax the request to 602-995-7157 or email the Request Form to orders@homedecorwf.com.

Service Call

The HOME DECOR Service Technician or Customer Service staff will be available to answer questions by phone, fax, or in person. If there is a manufacturing defect, there is no charge for a service call for the First 30 Days. Service Calls are available for the Phoenix Metro Area Only. If our Service Technician determines that the problem is not related to the manufacturing of the product (i.e., improper installation or customer error) or the 30 days have expired, you will be charged a trip charge ($75 minimum) plus the cost of repair and parts. We require you to inspect the product first.


HOME DECOR understands that issues occur that are not related to warranty. Therefore, the pricing for the most common repair requests are in the Repair Costs section of the Warranty Guide on page PW-18.

Light Control

Inside mount, horizontal blinds, roller shades, roman shades, and cellular shades in the fully closed position will let light in on the sides (light bleed). Inside mount vertical blinds in the fully-closed position will also have light bleed on the sides and on the bottom. Outside mount blinds will have light bleed around the blinds.
Slatted blinds or shutters will have light bleed between the slats and through the route holes. In addition, due to the nature of horizontal slatted blinds, the slats will close tighter at the top than the bottom. This will be most noticeable in longer blinds and Engineered Wood Blinds.
Blinds ordered as multiple blinds on a single headrail will have a ¼” gap between the blinds.


Slight Deflection may occur in Vertical Vanes when exposed to direct sunlight. This is a normal reaction of an extruded plastic subject to UV ray variances. Once direct sunlight recedes, vanes will return to original specifications. Vertical Vanes are not guaranteed against warping when installed in a window subject to intense, direct sunlight.

Dye Lot Variations

Dye lots may differ from one run to another. Therefore, if color consistency is critical please note on your order form that the blinds will be in the same room. This will ensure that all blinds manufactured for those windows will be assemble from materials that are within the same dye lot batch.
Because our wood blinds and shutters made from Basswood, there will be variations in color, stain, and grain. These are characteristics of real wood and are considered acceptable quality. Additionally, certain stains will absorb very differently with wood. Red stains like Cherrywood and Mahogany tend to be inconsistent. This is an inherent feature of the interaction between the stain and the wood and is not seen as a defect and not covered under the warranty.

What the Warranty Does Not Cover

This warranty does not cover conditions or damages caused by abuse, accidents, alterations, misuse or from measurement, installation, use, cleaning or maintenance. Normal wear and tear including (but not limited to) the items below.
  • Extended periods in sunlight, plastics tend to yellow or crack and all fabrics, man-made and natural can lose original intensity after extended exposure to the sun.
  • It is naturally expected to have some loss of color intensity as well as discoloration may occur in engineered or basswood slats when exposed to sunlight over extended periods of time.
  • Colors may vary from lot to lot and may not exactly match previous purchases.
  • All cords, fibers and fabrics may eventually wear out. HOME DECOR considers these items natural occurrences and normal wear and tear components and they are not covered by this warranty.

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