HOME DECOR is a CUSTOM Blind and Shade Manufacturer, as defined by WCMA Standards, fabricating to our customer’s unique specifications.

HOME DECOR Wholesale Fabricators

Order Forms

All Order Forms are in .pdf format.

HD Custom Cellular Shades - Order Form

HD Custom Cellular Shades - Parts & Service Request Form

Customer's Own Material

Exterior Shades

Horizontal Blinds - Order Form

Horizontal Blinds - Parts & Service Request Form

Installer Checklist

Louvolite Fabrics - Clutch/Cordless Order Form

Louvolite Fabrics - Motorized Order Form

Mini Blinds - Order Form

Mini Blinds - Parts & Service Request Form

OOS Waiver

Panel Tracks


Roller Shades - Clutch /Cordless Order FOrm

Roller Shades - Motorized Order Form

Roman Shades

Sample Decks

Shutters - Shutters

Shutters - Parts and Service Request Form

Turnils Fabric Collection - Clutch/Cordless Order Form

Turnils Fabric Collection - Motorized Order Form


Vertical Blinds - Order Form

Vertical Blinds - Parts & Service Request Form

Vertilux Fabrics - Order Form Non-Motorized

Vertilux Fabrics - Order Form Motorized

Warranty Waiver

Wilson Fabrics - Clutch/Cordless Order Form

Wilson Fabrics - Motorized Order Form

Zebra Shades - Clutch /Cordless Order Form

Zebra Shades - Motorized Order Form

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